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Soundwave's Workshop
Owner(s) Soundwave
Origin Transformers
Purpose Serve as a place of Soundwave's crue experiments
Location Kaon

Soundwave's Workshop is Decepticon communications officer Soundwave's place of mysterious work. Decepticon peers consider it a junkyard where they can dump their garbage in the mounds of machinery, as they know Soundwave doesn't care. It is located under the gladiatorial pits of Kaon, the Decepticon capital city.

It is in the workplace where he executes any of his Decepticon tasks that involve his hands getting dirty, and it only appears in Fall of Cybertron. In the game, after Megatron was destroyed, Starscream overtook his position, and the Decepticon ranks began to fall under the coward's poor leadership. As such, the loyal Soundwave took the few remaining parts of Megatron's corpse and combined them with other stronger pieces of scrap before pumping him with floods of life-giving Dark Energon. Megatron awoke, was explained the situation, and barged out of Soundwave's workshop, later almost killing Starscream. soundwave's workshop destroyed by gadgets, rex salazar's machines, equipments, gizmos, powers and abilities, weapons, vehicles, attacks, wishes, techniques, items, elemental powers and dragons, grim downfall's combos, clicker heroes's upgrades, power/skills, x-j9 machines and weapons, and now killing starscream.