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Mojo Jojo's Observatory
Owner(s) Mojo Jojo
Origin The Powerpuff Girls
Purpose Mojo Jojo's place of residence, serving as his planning grounds
Location Atop a mountain/volcano looming over Townsville

Mojo Jojo's Observatory is a large observatory set atop a volcano owned and used by Mojo Jojo, a main antagonist from The Powerpuff Girls television show.

Wickedly looming over Townsville, it is where Mojo Jojo plots his destructive schemes in order tries to take over Townsville and permanently tries to destroy powerpuff girls, but Mojo jojo's observatory destroyed by inspector gadget's gadgets, generator rex's machines and weapons, ultimate howling cannon, legendary power rangers weapons, ultimate shacktron mickey king robo lego dimensions the giant mouse of minsk ultragigazord's finisher, jimmy neutron's gizmos, inventions, super inventions, mickey's paintbrush, avengers weapons, voltron force weapons, angry birds ultrazord's finisher, sopwith camel's weapons, ultra miximum max's powers and abilities, and samurai opthomas supreme's weapons.