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Malfoy Manor
Owner(s) Lucius Malfoy, Tom Marvolo Riddle (Lord Voldemort)
Origin Harry Potter
Purpose Serve as the location for the Death Eaters to meet and plan over their next move
Location Wiltshire, England

The Malfoy Manor is a mansion owned by the Malfoy family, specifically secret Death Eater Luicus Malfoy and his son, Draco, appearing in the Harry Potter franchise. Though it permanently lies with the Malfoy family, it is the headquarters and planning grounds of the Death Eater army and their dark lord, Lord Voldemort. An iconic meeting about killing Harry Potter and overthrowing the Ministry of Magic took place in the main room, containing all high-ranking Death Eater officers.

At the same meeting, Voldemort had his pet snake, Nagini, strike and kill former muggle researcher Charity Burbage.


  • The only reason Voldemort decided on Malfoy's Manor to be his headquarters was to humiliate and punish the owner, Luicus, for failing him in The Order of the Phoenix.