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Ganon's Tower
Owner(s) Ganon/Ganondorf
Origin The Legend of Zelda
Purpose Ganon's ultimate stronghold
Location Dark World, Hyrule

Ganon's Tower, also known as The Tower of Ganon and Ganon's Castle, is the defensive stronghold of Ganon, the main barbaric antagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

It appears in A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and The Wind Waker. It is heavily guarded by several of Ganon's power formidable soldiers and, as its name suggests, is headed and lived in by Lord Ganondorf himself.


A Link to the Past[]

The tower, located in Dark World, is the final dungeon of the game. Five floors are included within the tower and four of them each are infested with hostile creatures for Link to battle. The very peak of the tower, specifically the balcony, is where the secondary antagonist awaits. This antagonist is none other that Agahnim, the wizard-like alter-ego of Ganon. Once Link defeats Agahnim, Ganon flees the wizard's body, thwarted.