Egg Carrier
Owner(s) Doctor Robotnik (Doctor Eggman)
Origin Sonic the Hedgehog
Purpose Allow Robotnik to mobilely transport his crew, stop Sonic, and fulfill any other ballistic goals
Location Sky, constantly moving
  • The green Egg Carrier is a flying fortress housing the evil Doctor Robotnik and his minions from the Sonic the Hedgehog gaming franchise. First appearing in Sonic Adventure, it is a colossal black aircraft with red, yellow, and white templates, all coated with waves of heavy weaponry such as super lasers, turrets, and cannons. The ship is 789 meters long and weighs 655 281 metric tons. green Egg carrier destroyed by inspector gadget's gadgets, generator rex's machines and weapons, smurfs's weapons, awesometron's powers, jack skellington's weapons, web shooter, ultimate howling cannon, legendary power rangers weapons and zords, ultimate shacktron mickey king robo lego dimensions the giant mouse of minsk ultragigazord's finisher, jimmy neutron's gizmos, inventions, super inventions, mickey's paintbrush, avengers weapons, voltron force weapons, angry birds ultrazord's finisher, sopwith camel's weapons, ultra miximum max's powers and abilities and samurai opthomas supreme's weapons.

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