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Discovery One
Owner(s) HAL-9000
Origin 2001: A Space Odyssey
Purpose An artificially controlled shell used to transport astronauts
Location Outer space

The United States Spacecraft Discovery One (better known as Discovery One) is a spacecraft from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was built to be the first spacecraft to travel from Earth to Jupiter, piloted by Heuristic ALgorithmic computer (The HAL 9000), an extremely cunning artificial intelligence.

It was taken over by HAL after he saw the crew became to endanger the mission by planning to shut off HAL off, triggering the dangerously logical AI to kill most of the crew before growing an antagonistic role. He was eventually shut down by the sole survivor, David Bowman. The iconic spacecraft was then abandoned when David went to go to investigate a mysterious monolith.


  • Official Name: USSC Discovery One
  • USSA "Registration Number": XD-1
  • Overall Length: 140.1 m
  • Overall Beam: 16.7 m
  • Overall Draft: 17 m
  • Command Module Diameter: 16.5 m
  • Reactor Module Length: 32.2 m
  • Reactor Module Draft: 8.8 m
  • Mass: 5,440 tonnes
  • Life Support: (two men, out of hibernation): 90 months
  • Engine Type: Cavradyne Plasma Propulsion System (Six Engines) - Liquid Ammonia Propellant- Thrust Deflector Plates- Maximum Thrust 280,000 kgf (2.75 MN).