Crocker Cave
Owner(s) Mr. Crocker
Origin The Fairly Odd Parents
Purpose Crocker's laboratory
Location Under/in Crocker's house

The Crocker Cave is a large, secret laboratory owned and built by Denzel Q. Crocker, a sadistic teacher searching for fairy godparents (specifically Timmy Turner's) and is the main antagonist of The Fairly Odd Parents, along with Vicky the Babysitter.

It is where he researches the mythical fairies and where he stores/constructs the equipment necessary for hunting them. However, most of the time, his plans are foiled by Timmy, Crocker's own stupidity/clumsiness, or bad luck. crocker cave destroyed by inspector gadget's gadgets, nickelodeon weapons, cartoon network weapons, disney weapons, generator rex's machine and weapons, smurfs's weapons, awesometron's powers, jack skellington's weapons, web shooter, ultimate howling cannon, legendary power rangers weapons and zords, care bear stare, ultimate shacktron mickey king robo lego dimensions the giant mouse of minsk ultragigazord's finisher, henry danger's powers and abilities and gadgets and equipment, timmy's wishes, trident, sorcerer hat, ghostbusters equipment, spongebob's powers and abilities, jimmy neutron's gizmos, burp bazooka, x-ray vision, speed, radar, earthquake, shield, water gun, inventions, super inventions, mickey's paintbrush, superman's powers and abilities, avengers weapons, voltron force weapons, angry birds ultrazord's finisher, sopwith camel's weapons, ultra miximum max's power and abilities and samurai opthomas supreme's finisher. 

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