Claw Island
Owner(s) The Riddler
Origin Batman Forever
Purpose NygmaTech's base of operations
Location In the middle of Gotham's bay

Claw Island is a compact piece of land floating in the waters of Gotham City containing the base of professional criminals Edward Nygma, the Riddler, and Harvey Dent, Two-Face. It appeared in Batman Forever.

It was the base of operations for the Riddler's criminal company, NygmaTech, and housed all electronics in Gotham City after Nygma promised the town that it would "bring the joy of TV entertainment into their living rooms".

It is where the mastermind gained Gotham's information, but his well designed laboratory was destroyed at the hands of Batman and his new sidekick, Robin. It is the death place of Two-Face, where he fell off a tight-rope to his bloody death and was where Riddler was ultimately defeated and thwarted, causing him to go insane in his cell of Arkham Asylum. claw island destroyed by gadgets, rex salazar's machines, equipments, gizmos, powers and abilities, weapons, vehicles, attacks, wishes, techniques, items, tools

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